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Striker’s convenient online management system allows secure access to real-time updates related to all your properties.

Log in to see what’s happened over the past month including pertinent financial and occupancy data, repair and maintenance information, side-by-side reports and other value-add resources.

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Transparent accounting

Thinking like an owner means we carefully examine every invoice without paying out indiscriminately. Trust Striker to monitor all cash flow and keep financial information secure and organized in one place.

Access your income and expenses, itemized statements, tax documents and more, and rest easy knowing not one cent will ever go missing or unaccounted for.

Our assurance:
Full disclosure

Striker Management invites collaboration and wants you to be informed and aware of every aspect of your property and the services we provide. Managing director Brian Jaffe personally meets with every owner to ensure understanding and to create a goal tailored to your distinct wants and needs.

Consultation is complimentary and includes a walk-through of the property. We’re excited to bring you insight into ways we can increase your profitability and create a budget to boost your building’s performance.

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