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Adding value along the way

At Striker Management, our fully-integrated approach allows us to uncover hidden potential in your properties, all while meeting your everyday management needs. By collaborating with our affiliates at Striker Investment Realty, Striker Apartment Leasing and Striker Financial, we customize a plan perfectly catered to your business.

Properties we serve:

Properties we serve:

Striker services multi-families, condos, co-ops, mixed-use apartments, adult communities and other A, B and C class properties

People we serve:

People we serve:

From property owners to local and national banks, we represent anyone including cases of bankruptcy and foreclosure

Sizes we serve:

Sizes we serve:

Our staff welcome and appreciate the opportunity to manage all size properties, maintaining the same high standards for all

Asset maintenance

Hands-on property managers possess real construction and repairs experience and perform consistent onsite visits. Our systems also contain proactive and preventative measures to eliminate unnecessary issues and expenses.

Personnel hiring

Let us handle general oversight and hiring of building staff to respond to resident requests, prepare annual budgets, engage with government agencies, abate violations, handle improvement bids, supervise 3rd-party professionals and more.

24/7 emergency services

If there is ever a maintenance problem, tenant conflict, onsite accident or other unexpected trouble, our reliable crew are available at all hours to promptly respond.

Lease & rent collections

Striker’s complimentary leases are drafted to reflect our supreme operating procedures and systems. We administer scheduled lease increases, handle all collections, and deposit rent in your account in a timely fashion.

Tenant relations

We put special focus on treating renters with respect and cultivate positive relationships built on trust and fairness.
This leads to improved care of your property, timely payment and deeper satisfaction for everyone involved.

Custom services

If your building requires unique attention or a dedicated team specializing in a particular residential or commercial need, Striker curates the perfect group of experts. Just get in touch to ensure your investment receives superior support.


Our rigorous screening process and emphasis on healthy tenant relations helps to minimize evictions. However, if necessary, we deal with all problems and are thoroughly knowledgeable in local and state landlord-tenant laws.

Striker initiates the proper legal steps with efficiency, but strives to avoid court if possible. We also have highly qualified attorneys to consult with if needed.


Thanks to our exceptionally organized systems, we’re able to track and reduce your property’s vacancies. Striker’s all-inclusive leasing model means we have access to quality candidates who are pre-screened and can move in quickly.

We also have a keen talent for synchronizing vacancies with cost-effective renovations in order to save time and avoid loss of rental income.

Your needs: our priority

If there’s a service or system you’re looking for, reach out for prompt support and a custom management plan catered exactly to your property’s needs.