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Online payment

Online payment

Striker’s convenient online portal lets you pay your rent anytime, anywhere, with a debit card or checking account as long as you have internet access:





Portal Highlights

Portal Highlights

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Renewal information

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Never hesitate to call

Never hesitate to call

When you reside in one of Striker’s serviced properties, you enjoy 24/7 live customer support in case of major or minor emergency. Feel free to call any time or submit a claim online for prompt response.

For a real emergency, CALL 911

Our pledge:
a little respect

Striker Management prides itself on our exceptional tenant relations and excellent customer service all around. Even when conflicts arise, we promise to treat you fairly, kindly, and with utmost appreciation.

Even in challenging situations, our staff always strive to maintain positive interactions and hope to cultivate a lasting relationship for the duration of your residency. Please reach out for help at any time. To us, you’re a name, not a number.